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Welcome to the home of art and photography by Scotty Carter.  The website provides a glimpse into the imagination and creativity of a talented photographer and artist with a healthy obsession and passion for waves.  He is drawn and spiritually connected to the natural mystic qualities of the ocean, coastal environment and waves.  This connection runs so deep that part of the evolution of his art form has been the artistic creation of waves.  These waves he calls Water Sculptures.  He had no idea how large a role they would play in his work.  In the context of his documentation and photographing of the beauty of raw and un-ridden waves they are all water sculptures.  For Scotty, this includes waves originating in the ocean, river and art studio.

Scotty is a little bit of a dreamer and a gifted artist with creative vision, imagination and a belief in endless possibilities for the work.  Exploring the creative process is not only a sanctuary for him but a place he can test his skills and find out how far he can take it.  The result of the hard work, determination, creativity and vision is the art you see.  He hopes you enjoy his art work enough to purchase and hang it in that special room, hallway, lobby, office or commercial business.   We believe that Water Sculptures would make a fine addition to any residence, hotel, spa, office, work environment or retail space that is in need of wall art.  We are happy to speak with framers, interior designers, hotel groups, architects, business owners, office managers, art consultants and homeowners about using Water Sculptures in their businesses, homes and projects.  These special waves come in shapes, designs, colors and sizes that are appropriate for every venue and with any budget.  Contact us today for details